Saturday, November 21, 2015

Prime Tri-Tip again

My friend and neighbor Photographer Rodger B loaned me one
of his Lights, a small what they call a matchbook light it 
was wonderful to use since it gets dark so soon.

The LBGE is @ 400* with potatoes already backing.

Tri-Tip seasoned lightly with Southern Flavor Charbroil 
seasoning and there Garlic seasoning no salt or pepper added

Looks great and done @ 127* direct on a Grill Grate.
That looks just about right to me

Served with sauted brussel sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar and 
Egg baked potato, This was truly a wonderful dinner. We were 
in Costco yesterday and they still had Tri-Tip $4.99 lb eight 
to a pack to bad we are out of room in both refrigerators, but 
we did pick up an eight pack of pork chops.

Thanks fir look-in!


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