Saturday, August 1, 2015

Round Steak, Potatoes, Biscuits, Flat Cap Review

Baked in the BGE for 15 minutes @ 450* after the biscuits 
done I started the test of the Flat Cap.
You can not read the time on my Iphone it is 2:15 pm.
But you can in this picture 3:15 temp. 275* thats very good.  
4:15 200* the BGE lost 250* in two hours. I think thats 
damn good.
5:36 3 hours 16 minutes after shutdown the temp. 150* I like 
this a lot.
Thinly cut Round Steak, I defrosted this from the freezer that'
when I found out it was this thin cut any way the frying went on.

Meat and potatoes.
And the Gravy, this was a wonderful and very rich meal it's 
a good thing Jackie was not here. I really like the new 
Flat Cap that I got from SMOKEWARE.

Thanks for lookin!


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