Friday, June 26, 2015

Smoked Pork Carnitas 22 hrs.

This turned into a long and wonderful tasting carnitas smoke.

I saw an add in our local paper for Bone in Pork Picnic Roast 
for $ .99 lb.

Put it in the marinade 11 hrs. 

Put the rub on then yellow mustard 
On the Egg at 8:00 pm. @ 220* indirect with drip pan with
 apple cider vinagar with apple and cherry wood for smoke.

8 am. the next morning turned it fat side down put 
mop and sauce on. 
Pulled at 6 pm. 185* interior for 22 hrs. rest for 1 hr.

Shredded and pulled from the bone.

Carnitas tacos with refried beans. this was truly a wonderful 
and tasteful meal and we have a lot of food left over and 
we will put them to good use.

Recipe: Smoked Carnitas

Recipe: Orange Honey Pork Injection

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