Sunday, March 22, 2015

Frozen Chicken Pot Pie and Strawberry Up-side Down Cake

I just got my Xmas. present a ET-735 Thermometer
Strawberry Up-side Down Cake. Baked @ 350* for 45 min.
I froze this Chicken Pot Pie in Oct. 14 this one was the smaller
 of the two
Baked in the Egg @ 450* for 30 min. then 350* until done 
This was another keeper meal I have to make more 
frozen pot pies and keep them in the freezer. 
The Strawberry Up-side Down Cake was 
wonderful as well in fact I'm having some now as 
I'm writing this post. The ET-735 worked as 
advertized I'll do a post on it when I know it well


Thanks for lookin


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