Sunday, December 15, 2013

My new Go To Tri-Tip Recipe

I bought a Twin pack of Prime Tri-Tip at Costco Cook 
one and vacuum-packed this one.
Deni Meat Tenderizer used it all over the Tri-Tip top and bottom
The Marinade put it on the Tri-Tip, put in the Fridge
 2 1/2 days took it out 2 hrs. to come to room temp.
Started the Poquito Beans they take awhile to cook
On the GrillGrates in the Big Green Egg
Pulled @ 125* interior temp. let rest for 10 min.
I think I nailed it

This Tri-Tip tasted awesome and wonderful 
The Poquito Beans add to this wonderful meal
 Jackie said this is the best Tri-Tip that I have ever grilled and I agree.



Thanks for looking