Monday, October 28, 2013

Mojo Smoked Pulled Pork

Saturday I went to Ralph's Market and found this 10 lb. 
Bone in Pork Shoulder
I've wanted try Nacked Whizz recipe for Mojo Smoked Pulled 
Put the Rub on the exposed meat then into the fridge for 6 hrs.
On the Egg @225* indirect with Apple wood for smoke

Took my first peek at 8 AM
Started the Sauce @2 pm.
200* @5 pm.
Jackie said this was the best Smoked Pulled Pork that I've cooked 
and I agree  I'll be smoking this again


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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Cook on the Grill Grate Marinaded Tri-Tip

The fixing for the Marinade
Prime Tri-Tip from Costco 

Into the fridge for 6hrs.  
Out of the fridge for 1hr. to room Temp.

On the Grill Grate in the Lg Green Egg @500*  
Pulled @ 125* and rested for 10-min.

Jackie made twice baked potato and carrots 
This is the vary best Tri-Tip I have cooked, 
the marinade the best beef marinade that I've ever made

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Cook with a Grill Grate on my Big Green Egg

We are having Cheeseburgers tonight on Onion Rolls
Cheeseburgers Grilled @400* for 10 min.  
Perfectly Cooked Cheese Burgers. This Grill is easy  to work 
with and gives you a great looking Meal! I'm going to grill 
a Tri-Tip on Sunday and looking forward to it.  
This Grill Grate is wonderful to Grill with More to come

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