Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slammin' Salmon "Asian Barbecued Salmon"

I saw this recipe on John Dawson's Blog 
"Patio Daddio BBQ" and had to make it 
A little over 2-lb Salmon Filet  
Seasoned with Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub,Lemon and butter
 on a Cedar plank 

 On the Egg direct @ 375* for 20-min. 
Added the Asian BBQ Glaze and let cook for 5-min.  
Ready to serve 
 Served with Rice and Asparagus. Tasty. This I well make
 and make again it was Wonderful 
Thanks for looking

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jackies Lamb Burgers

Saturday Jackie and I had my Brother Cal and our Sister-in-law 
Carol to play a round of golf and dinner. They live in 
Redondo Beach well the traffic on the 101 freeway 
was bumper to bumper it took them 3-hrs. to get here,
 We couldn't change the T time because there was a 
Tournament starting right after our T time so
 we had a relaxing time in our backyard.
Fri. Jackie made the Lamb Burgers and seasoned them, roasted
 the Bell Peppers, made the Sauce so all she had to do on Saturday
 was prep the corn.To make the corn you pull the husk back
 leaving intact remove the silk then soft butter all the  kernels salt
 and pepper then she halves Maui onions then makes thick
 slices to encase the corn, then put the husk back 
over the corn and double wrap with foil.
Put the corn on the grill @ 400* and turn every 10 min. for
 Browning the Crustini Rolls
Grilled the Lamb Burgers @ 475* about 2-min. a side interior 
temp 125* and let rest for 10-min.
This was a truly a outstanding dinner fit for company

Recipe for Quinoa Slade :

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