Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mesquite Grilled Costco Prime Tri-Tip

Jackie was not feeling well Yesterday so I decided to cook all of the dinner Jackie did help with cheese sauce she is a much better cook than I am
Seasoned with Olive Oil, Raising the Steaks, and 
Holly Smoking Chipotle Rub and put back in the Fridge in a 
Zip lock bag
In the meantime I made the Cheese Sauce, baked the potatoes
 and stuffed them

Seared on both sides @500* for 8-min.
On the raised grid pulled @132* interior, rested for 
10-min. and carved 
Served with twice baked potato and cauliflower with cheese sauce
You can't beat the flavor and tenderness of a Prime peace meat
Thanks for looking



Mad Hunky Hot Ass Wang!

I finally made Rich's Mad Hunky Hot Ass Wang's
 along with Slap yo Daddy Chicken Thighs 
You do not want over season them, a little go's a long way!  
The Thighs I seasoned the night before then into the fridge 
 Ready to Grill 
 Pulled @ 60-min. 
Served with Quinoa and black beans. My wife Jackie 
said they were the best wings I have grilled, they 
were delicious! I agree, as well as the Slap yo Daddy
 Thighs. Jackie's Quinoa with Black beans with
 added lime was a wonderful accompaniment
Thanks for looking