Sunday, July 22, 2012

APL'S Cider brined pork chops w/ apple jelly glaze

This book has some wonderful and tasty recipe's
 Three pork chops in the brine for 3-hrs. 2-bone in 1 thick with out
 On a raised grid for 3-min. a side @450*
The recipe calls for 8-min. a side these were to small so I did
 them for 6-min. and they were a little over done me and Jackie
With the glaze in the meantime Jackie made Garlic Fries she 
found at Trader Joe's and fresh zucchini from our garden
The Pork Chops had wonderful flavor, Garlic Fries as well, the
 Zucchini was tasty too. We are going have this again soon.
 It's a keeper

Thanks for looking



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