Saturday, October 22, 2011

6-Hr. Apple Smoked Baby Back Ribs

       A year ago Jackie and I were watching a Food TV show about Mike Mills and his 17th Street Rubs and Sauces, sense he was a champion BBQ'er I sent for some.
Well a year has gone by and I haven't used it until now. I also wanted to try my new High-Que fire grate on a lo and slow smoke. 
I found some really nice and meaty Baby Backs at Ralph's Mkt. I bought 4 of them

Slathered with yellow mustard and seasoned with 17th Street Magic Dust on the left and Plowboys Yardbird Rub on the right, Put in the refrigerator overnight and re-seasoned the morning of the cook
Loaded onto the fire grate Lump and Apple wood chunks 

Got the fire going 2-hrs. early for the 6-hr. smoke with the DigiQ2 it came up to temp real quick, 30-min. before the start put a pan of apple juice on the platesetter 
10:15am the Ribs went on 17th Street on the bottom and Plowboys on the top 
Pit probe attached to the raised grid 

Served with 17th Street Baked Beans and Cold Slaw that Jackie made along with some wonderful Bread Pudding 
Family and friends there for the fine meal. Both Rubs were well liked and we served 17th Street Sauce and Blues Hog. No complants

Thanks for looking



  1. I need to get Peace Love and BBQ out and make those beans, they look mighty tasty!