Saturday, February 26, 2011

Superbowl Hot Wings

The raws.
The sauce.

It was a beautiful day in Ventura today.
Put Richard's Holy Smokin Chipotle seasoning on
 the wings. The Green Egg @ 325* 
on a raised grid.

Turned @ 15-min intervals for 1-hr.
After reading Thirdeye's Blog on Chicken Wings, I cut
 them into drummettes and wingettes and dipped
 them into "The" Chicken Wings Sauce for 15-min. on the grill.

Served with Bobs Big Boy Blue cheese dressing. Everybody
 loved them Thanks AZRP for the Sauce recipe.

"The" Chicken Wings Recipe:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Salmon grilled on Himalayan Salt Block

Two Salmon fillet from Trader Joe's seasoned with Richard's
Holy Smokin Chipotle, Butter, and Lemon.

12X8X1 1/2 in Salt Block heated to 350* for 1-hr.

On the Salt Block for 3-min a side

Served with Sticky Rice and Succotash. Tasty, I love 
cooking on the Salt Block it gives it another 
flavor de-mention