Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fantastic Tri-Tip

I saw a post of PatioDaddio's and here is what 
1 1/2 T Richard's Holy Smokin Chipotle, 1T 
Better Than Bullion, 2 T Mustard, 1/4 C 
Worcestershire Sauce.
Mixed it to a Schmear

Schmeared on to a Tri-Tip and into the Fridge 
over nigh I had to do another Tri-Tip this afternoon when 
I found out we were having company for dinner,
 it marinated for two hours.

The one on the right marinated overnight.
Grilled for 3-min. rotated 45* for 3-min.
The same on the other side.

Onto a raised grid for 20-min. a side @ 325* 

Internal Temp. @ 127* rested for 15-min. served with 
Potatoes and salad. This is the best and most 
flavorful Tri-Tip that I have grilled to date. 


  1. All of you West Coasters taunting me with your tri tips! I wish I could get my hands on one around here!

    Nicely done, Ross, nicely done.

  2. Thanks Chris, hopefully you well soon be able to get them, just keep asking for them.

  3. Was there a difference in flavor and or tenderness between the two roasts with the different marinating time?