Monday, September 13, 2010

Smoked Chicken with Spicy Apple Rub

This morning was overcast with the Marine Layer in. 
I just got some of Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple Rub
 from Steph so I thought I would try some
 Smoked Chicken. Fired up the Egg too do
 a cool smoke with Hickory and Apple wood.
Filled the drip pan with Apple juice to help keep moisture 
and also not get the smoke taste from burnt chicken fat.
Went to Albertsons Market and picked up two 5.5 lb. chickens.

Rubbed them with the Spicy Apple Rub inside and out, and
 under the skin.
Put the two chickens in the Egg @165* @ 9:30 am.

By 10 am. the the Sun started to poke thru. In the upper
 middle of of the last picture you can see 
Pigeon Flying right to left
By 4:30 pm 6-hrs. interior breast temp. @150*.
@ 5:45 pm I ramped up the done temp. to 250*.
@ 7 pm. 9.5 hrs I pulled the chickens internal temp. @170*.

Let rest for 1-hr. and sliced into it, tasty and moist,
 this well make some great Chicken salads 
for lunch next week the rest for snacks 
and diner during the Week. The Apple Smoked Chicken 
was wonderful and spicy. You should try this Rub

Thanks Steph.


  1. Ross that looks so wonderful! I need to try some more of Steph's rubs, I loved the cherry rub on venison. Thanks for the pics. :)

  2. Jeanie you well love the Spicy Apple Rub, its a winner

  3. Thanks for the ride today and the smoker looks wonderful!

  4. Ross: Very nice cook. Perhaps you want to change the "4:30 am" to "4:30 pm" in the fifth picture from the bottom?