Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bone in Rib Eye Steaks Vary Tender

I found these in the sale bin of the Meat Section of the 
market, they were thick and looked ok. I rubbed 
Salt and Pepper on both sides 
I decided to use a recipe out of a new Cookbook that my 
wife Jackie bought me Serious Barbecue by Adam Perry
 Lang (Salt and Pepper Dry-Aged Cowboy Cut Rib Eye)
on pg. 121. 

Started with Baked Russet Potatoes @425* for 1-hr.
 on a raised grid
Steaks went on the CI grate for 3-min. a side and 
adjusted for grill marks @ 90 sec. then turned over. 
3 min. on the other side. 
Made a Herb Bundle of Rosemary and Thyme 

On a raised grid kept mopping the butter with the 
Herb Bundle until the Steaks were 128* internal 
Going to let them rest for 10-min. 
Rubbed with fresh garlic. 
Some Italian Parsley 
Then finished with Natural Sea Salt the I got from 
Kent (GG) 
Served with a Baked Potoe with butter and chives
 A mighty fine and tender Rib-Eye. 

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