Friday, August 27, 2010

Cheese Stuffed Hamburgers

Jackie wanted Cheeseburgers tonight so I said lets stuffed 

She put them into a burger press to form them thin, 
shaped them with her hands.

She then put some white sharp cheddar cheese and 
Stilton blue cheese on the patty
She then put the top on and pinched the ends and 
formed the patties.

We used the whole-wheat thin buns.

On the CI grate @ 350* seared for 4-min a side.
Added cheese to the other two.

These were really good, this is the first time we did them,
 we'll do them again soon. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Simply Marvelous Spare Ribs

It was a beautiful Day in Ventura today, mowed the lawn
 edged it and cleaned the patio. Now for the Ribs.
Intermingled some cherry wood with the Royal Oak Lump.

Spare Ribs with Mustard and Simply Marvelous Sweet and 
Spicy Rub.
Egg @ 240* dome.

225* @ the grid.
Ribs over a drip pan with Apple cider and apple juice.
The trimmed ends on a raised grid.
Spritzed with apple and apple cider juice every hour.

My Sous-Chef Sadie our almost 5 year old Cockapoo.
The trimmed ends came off @ 3-hrs.

Pulled the spares @ 5-hrs.
Jackie made a Top Roman salad.
These were some wonderful Spare Ribs, Thanks Steph at 
Simply Marvelous.

Recipe for Jackie's Top Roman Salad

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tonight's Grilled Filets

Started with two baked potatoes on a raised grid @450* 
Rubbed with bacon grease and salt and pepper
Two filets with Ground Himalayan Pin Crystal Salt and Ground
 Pepper and Grape Seed Oil rubbed in.
Egg getting up to 500* to sear.

On the CI grate @ 500* foe a 2-min. sear.
Seared both sides.
Pulled off the CI to cool down the Egg to 400*

Back on a raised grid @400* for 2-min. a side and then brushed the butter with a Rosemary and Thyme brush.
Back on a raised grid @400* for 2-min. a side and then 
brushed the butter with a Rosemary and Thyme brush.
When the internal temp. reached 120* I added 
Stilton Blue Cheese and pulled at 130* internal.

The condiments were Heirloom Brandywine Tomatoes 
and Balsamic Vinegar and a baked potato and chives
This was one of the most tasty and tender dinner we had.

Some Yellow Watermelon for desert, a first for use.

Ross in Ventura